Release Notes


9 March 2020

  • Respect rotation metadata from QuickTime and MP4 movies
  • Fixed a bug where MacBook Pros with discrete graphics cards wouldn’t automatically switch to discrete on macOS Catalina
  • Fixed a bug where custom bitrate and keyframe interval couldn’t be edited in the export window


7 March 2020

  • Updated to Blackmagic RAW 1.7
  • Fixed a show-stopping crash when opening movies
  • Go To Timecode now supports “.” as a replacement for “00”. For example, to jump to 01:00:30:00 type “01.30.” or to jump to 00:01:30:00 type “.0130.”
  • Each tab in the Preferences window now has the same width
  • Fixed an issue opening ProRes RAW videos
  • Fixed an issue with Screenshots and non-even pixel dimensions
  • Prevented a unlikely crash from occurring during export


18 February 2020

  • Added auto-detection of start timecode to help find a “best fit” for importing Markers
  • Added support for Avid Tab-Delimited Markers (.txt)
  • Interlacing info now available in the inspector
  • Prevent Screen from crashing when a movie is opened with too large of a resolution (width or height > 16384). Super high resolution support TBA!
  • Fixed a bug opening certain AVI files
  • Fixed an issue with the video downloader


6 February 2020


  • Add markers to your movies!
  • Zoom in and out of the timeline to get a more precise look at your markers
  • Import and export markers in CSV and Resolve Marker EDL formats
  • Added a panel with a list view of markers

Bug Fixes

  • Added Undo/Redo for most preference changes
  • Fixed a problem with alpha channel not showing up in some instances
  • Fixed various crashes


6 January 2020

  • Added a menu item and keyboard shortcut for copying the Pixel Sampler’s values
  • Fixed issue where the Pixel Sampler wouldn’t respect the precision specified in the preferences


26 December 2019

  • Fixed an issue where REDRAW files wouldn’t open


21 December 2019

  • Internal bug fixes


17 December 2019

  • Improved loading of movie preferences if any preferences reference a movie on a slept disk
  • Fixed a bug where loading a movie with an unknown video codec could cause a crash
  • Fixed an issue with loading media containing tracks with an unspecified framerate


10 December 2019

  • Added ability to reorient a movie in 90° increments in Sizing settings
  • Better detection of Arri ProRes MXF videos with pixel padding
  • Added preference for changing the “Play URL” download location
  • Added preference to prevent the “Welcome to Screen” window from opening after the last open movie is closed
  • Fixed bug with getting the correct start timecode for trimmed QuickTime movies
  • Fixed issue with certain movies not actually muting when muted
  • Fixed issue opening certain greyscale image formats


19 November 2019

  • Support for a myriad of new formats and containers! MXF, DNx, all XAVC and AVC codecs, MKV, WebP, HAP, and many more.


29 October 2019

  • Spooky Halloween surprise!
  • Updated Blackmagic RAW to 1.5.2
  • Improved slow-to-open .MTS and .TS files opening speed


29 October 2019

  • Spooky Halloween surprise!
  • Updated Blackmagic RAW to 1.5.2
  • Improved slow-to-open .MTS and .TS files opening speed


21 October 2019

  • Fixed a bug where Macs with lower-end or older GPUs would crash reading REDCODE RAW clips


21 October 2019

  • Added support for taking screenshots with bit depths greater than 8-bit
  • Added support for exporting 16-bit float EXR screenshots
  • Fixed several other minor bugs


16 October 2019


  • Export a “trimmed” version of your movie when you set in and out points. This will perform a lossless copy of the movie’s trimmed media into a new file. QuickTime (.mov), MPEG-4 (.mp4), Blackmagic RAW (.braw), and REDCODE RAW (.R3D) currently supported
  • Screenshots (PNG, TIFF, HEIC) can now optionally preserve the alpha channel of the original movie. By default, this preference is disabled and the movie will be composited against black.
  • Support for opening WebP images
  • Quick Look plugin support for WebP images
  • HEVC with Alpha now allows inspection of alpha channel (macOS 10.15 Catalina and above)
  • Alpha channel mode (Straight or Premultiplied) will show up in metadata if an alpha channel exists


  • “Ahead” frame caching will now smartly stop at or wrap around in and out points
  • Better Premultiplied/Straight Alpha detection in ProRes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where caching “On Demand” wouldn’t cache every frame in the movie even if there was enough memory to do so
  • Fixed a bug where clicking “Setup LUT Library” wouldn’t actually take you to the Color preferences tab


11 October 2019

  • Added cache modes “Ahead” and “On Demand”
  • Added Linear transfer function to Color Management
  • Added default cache mode selection for video and image sequences in the preferences
  • Added a Cache menu with Cache Mode selection and a Clear Cache button
  • Improved rendering performance
  • Updated Pro Video Formats version detection to 2.1.1
  • Fixed an issue reading EXRs with more than RGBA channels correctly


7 October 2019

  • Added “Frame Width” field for Barcode Export
  • Fixed a bug where Screen would request ability to create notifications in macOS Catalina
  • Fixed some bugs that would cause Screen to crash


4 October 2019


  • Improved JKL transport controls to better match NLEs. While holding K, you can tap J to step backward one frame or tap L to step forward one frame. While holding K, you can hold J to slow reverse play 0.5x or hold L to slow forward play 0.5x. K key will now only stop playback (instead of toggling playback)
  • Added ability to clear just the in or out points


  • R, G, B, A, and Y keys are now the shortcuts for toggling Red, Green, Blue, Alpha, and Luma channel isolation respectively - C will cycle through all channels
  • Moved around some menu items for better organization
  • Changed some keyboard shortcuts to better match NLEs

Bug Fixes

  • Tweaks for memory management on export - should fix some issues with excessive memory usage on long exports
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when external GPUs are added or removed


2 October 2019

  • Added support for exporting without audio
  • Added support for Loop and Ping-Pong playback behaviors
  • Fixed an issue with resuming smooth playback after playing at 2x speed
  • Fixed a bug in macOS 10.13 with reading 16-bit float EXRs without alpha channels incorrectly


29 September 2019

  • Added support for BMD Raw anamorphic metadata
  • Fixed a bug where Screen would crash when clicking the “+” button to add a new video to a tab


28 September 2019

  • Fixed a bug where the version check for Pro Video Formats plugin would cause a crash


28 September 2019

  • Added 1:1 crop ratio
  • Timecode no longer rolls back around to 00:00:00:00 when hitting 24 hours


26 September 2019

  • Now Playing

Version 1.1.10 — Release Notes

Requires macOS 10.13 or later, 10.14 or later recommended.

Certain formats require Apple Pro Video Formats to be installed.