Color science, meet humans.

Preview, edit, transform, and export LUTs of any shape and size.

All in a polished app native to Mac.

Screenshot of Lattice, an application for previewing, transforming, and exporting LUTs.
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Feature Tour

We'll Do The Math

Manipulate your LUT using powerful tools, all with 64-bit floating point precision.

Extract 1D LUTConvert

Easily convert between 1D and 3D transformations

Reverse LUTReverse

Turn outputs into inputs (1D and 3D!)

Extract Color from LUTIsolate Color

Get just the color transform of a LUT, without affecting contrast

Convert LUT to MonochromeConvert to Monochrome

Make a LUT that isolates a single channel, or an average of channels

Combine LUTsCombine

Merge multiple LUTs into one

Resize LUTsResize

Change the cube or curve size

Edit LUT ChannelsMix Curves

Adjust and swap curves

Extract Contrast for LUTsIsolate Contrast

Get just the contrast of a LUT, without affecting colors

Lattice supports converting between many color spaces.

A Color Space For Every Occasion

Use advanced formulas to convert between different color spaces and transfer functions.

Color Spaces

Rec. 709 / sRGB


Rec. 2020

Alexa Wide Gamut




ACES Primaries 0 (AP0)

ACES Primaries 1 (AP1)

Adobe RGB (1998)

ProPhoto RGB

REDcolor Spaces

DRAGONcolor Spaces


Canon Cinema Gamut

Canon DCI-P3+


BMDFilm 4K

BMDFilm 4.6K

DJI Gamut

Panasonic V-Gamut

Bolex Wide Gamut RGB

F-Log Gamut (Fujifilm)

ProTune Native

XYZ Gamut

Transfer Functions













BMDFilm 4K

BMDFilm 4.6K

Panasonic V-Log

ACESproxy 10i and 12i



Phantom Log 1 and 2

ProTune Flat

Bolex Log

F-Log (Fujifilm)

DJI Log (Official and Experimental)

Dolby PQ (HDR)



Gamma 2.2

Gamma 2.4

Gamma 2.6

Custom Gamma



Visualize Your LUTs Like Never Before

Use visualization tools to explore how your LUT modifies colors.

See your LUT as a point cloud, or as a set of curves.

They should have sent a poet.

Every LUT Format, One App

Seamlessly convert between LUT file formats with ease.

Lattice reads and writes every format you can think of. Even the weird ones.

  • 3D LUTs
    • DaVinci Resolve 3D Cube LUT (.cube)
    • Autodesk 3D LUT (.3dl)
    • FSI 3D LUT (.dat)
    • Arri Look File 2 (.aml)
    • Panasonic VLT 3D LUT (.vlt)
    • CTL LUT (.ctl)
    • Nucoda CMS 3D LUT (.cms)
    • Quantel 3D LUT (.txt)
    • DVS Clipster 3D LUT (.xml, .txt)
    • DaVinci 3D LUT (.davlut)
    • Resolve DAT 3D LUT (.dat)
    • Colorfront 3D LUT (.3dmesh)
    • Iridas ITX 3D LUT (.itx)
    • Iridas Look (.look)
    • eeColor 3D LUT (.txt)
    • Pandora 3D LUT (.m3d)
    • Apple Color 3D LUT (.mga)
    • ICC Profile (.icc)
    • Unwrapped Texture LUT Image (.tiff)
    • CMS Test Pattern LUT Image (.tiff)
    • Hald CLUT Image (.tiff)
    • Convergent Design 3D LUT (.cdlut)
  • 1D LUTs
    • DaVinci Resolve 1D Cube LUT (.cube)
    • Nucoda CMS 1D LUT (.cms)
    • CSV 1D LUT (.csv)
    • DaVinci Resolve 1D LUT (.ilut, .olut)
    • Discreet 1D LUT (.lut)
    • Colorfront 1D LUT (.1dlut)
    • Iridas ITX 1D LUT (.itx)
    • AJA 1D LUT (.txt)
    • IO Industries 1D LUT (.lut)
    • Arri Look 1D tonemap (export only) (.xml)
    • Lightroom Preset (export only) (.lrtemplate)
  • Import as 3D LUTs
    • Arri Look File 2 (.aml)
    • Arri Look (.xml)
    • ICC/ColorSync Profiles (.icc)
  • Export as Approximate Looks
    • Arri Look (.xml)
    • CDL Correction (.cc, .cdl)

Easy Workflow

Lattice makes it so easy to work with LUTs, it's actually kinda fun.

Quick Look LUTs

See what a LUT looks like in Finder using Quick Look.

Apply to Images

Process your images easily and correctly, in 16-bit color.

Easy Preview

Drag-and-drop images to see the LUT applied instantly.

You can even preview with DPX, OpenEXR, and other production image formats.

View your 3D LUT using tetrahedral interpolation and your 1D LUT with linear interpolation.

Batch Export LUTs

Quickly and easily convert as many LUTs as you want to any of our supported output formats.

Compliant with Industry Standards

Apply ASC CDL Corrections (ALE, FLEx, CMX EDL, CC, CCC, and CDL files).

Cross-Convert imported ASC CDLs to .cdl, .cc, and .ccc files.

Approximately convert a 1D or 3D LUT into an ASC CDL Correction!

Apply CTL Transforms and optionally install ACES.

Advanced Transforms

Limit, clamp, change strength, invert colors, scale output, and more.


Version 1.7.14 — Release Notes

Requires macOS 10.9 or later.

Watch & Learn

We've put together some video tutorials on working with LUTs using Lattice.


Version 1.7.14 — Release Notes

Requires macOS 10.9 or later.
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