Release Notes


4 January 2023

  • Fixed crash when loading in Fusion Studio
  • Internal fixes


30 November 2022

  • Removed a (usually imperceptible) “scratch” visible in a single frame of the 35mm grain.
  • Added support for Nikon Log


11 September 2022

  • Added support for F-Log and F-Log 2


19 June 2022

  • Fixed a possible crash that could occur when multiple OFX plugins are loaded.


6 June 2022

  • Fixed an issue with LUT export in the App Store version of Resolve


4 June 2022

  • Added support for Arri’s new LogC4 format
  • Minor performance improvements


6 May 2022

  • Added “(Inaccurate) Rec.709 Gamma 2.4” as a source
  • Added ability to export a LUT in “Print Only” mode
  • You can now export 33x LUTs
  • Added “RCM HDR” and “RCM SDR” output colorspaces to aid in some workflows
  • Changed “DaVinci Intermediate” source name to “DaVinci Wide Gamut Intermediate”
  • Updated User Guide


27 November 2021

  • Fixed a bug with rendering in Fusion
  • Updated PDF guide with the new Resolve 17 color management options.


7 October 2021

  • Improved render speed for multi-node workflows.
  • Renamed output colorspace “ACES ST2084 1000 nits” to “ACES HDR”. Updated the user manual to better explain how to decide between the different ACES output spaces.


22 August 2021

  • Fixed a terrible bug in Resolve 17.3. After the update you may need to re-enable the plugin by going to DaVInci Resolve -> Preferences -> Video Plugins -> Enable All -> Save. Restart Resolve (and your Mac too, if that didn’t work), and hopefully all is well!


7 August 2021

  • Fixed an issue with re-subscription.


29 May 2021

WARNING: This update may slightly alter existing grades.

Filmbox 1.4.0 contains important refinements to the color pipeline. If you are in the middle of a project you may want to stay on your current version until it’s done. Starting with 1.4.0, Filmbox will track the color pipeline version so that future refinements to the pipeline won’t alter existing grades. Contact us if you need to roll back to 1.3.8.


  • LUTs exported from Filmbox now contain a record of the Filmbox color pipeline settings in the LUT’s metadata
  • Fixed a bug when rendering individual clips at same-as-source resolution
  • Fixed a DaVinci Intermediate inaccuracy

Color Pipeline

  • Improved handling of highly saturated values and reduced banding sometimes visible in gradients of bright saturated tones
  • Fixed an issue with gamut hard-clipping on some imagery especially in blue tones


  • Fixed an inaccuracy with the ACES SDR outputs
  • Added the ability to choose whether or not Filmbox counteracts the dim surround compensation that is part of some ACES ODTs (see ACES section in user guide)
  • Fixed inaccuracies with P3 outputs


9 May 2021

  • Fixed a terrible showstopping bug
  • Fixed issue with rendering black on Intel GPUs


7 May 2021

  • Added a slider to control the softness of the grain.
  • Updated user guides.


4 May 2021

  • You can now actually use the Split Tone Lab tool.


4 May 2021

  • First public release!
Really good film emulation

Version 1.6.2 — Release Notes

Supports macOS — Get notified about Linux & Windows support

Plugin for DaVinci Resolve. Requires macOS 10.15 or later and DaVinci Resolve 16 or later.

Runs natively on Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.