Film's death has been greatly exaggerated.


A complete reproduction of photochemical motion picture imaging.

Driven by empirical data and tailored to specific digital sensors.

Built for high-end production. Right in DaVinci Resolve.

Film is nuanced. So is Filmbox.

The look and feel of motion picture film defines a century of art.

As we move beyond the photochemical process, we need not leave behind its aesthetic quality.

Color & Tone

Film negative has a unique response to light intensity and wavelength. Filmbox reproduces this behavior using rich empirical datasets to transform digital sensor values to exhibit the same non-linearities.

Detail & Halation

As light strikes color film negative, different wavelengths scatter to different degrees within the layers of emulsion and affect neighboring image regions. Filmbox convolves the digital image data to recreate the soft yet detailed quality of the negative.

Grain & Texture

The perceptual intensity of film grain varies with the density of the developed negative. Filmbox reproduces the quality and tonal distribution of grain as well as other subtle effects of the development process.

Gate Weave & Dust

Film camera transport mechanisms are not perfectly stable, and labs are not perfectly clean. If desired, Filmbox can model the subtle instability of real 35mm and 16mm cameras, and procedurally place samples of real dust.

Contact Print

The look of projected film is the combination of the characteristics of the negative and the print.

Filmbox maps the emulated negative to the light output of the digital display using a characterization of the combined photometric response of an actual contact printed negative.

Beautiful by default

Built for simplicity, no tweaking necessary.

Consistent, predictable, understandable by the whole creative team.

Plenty of knobs under the hood if you want to tinker.

Workflow fb
Pro Workflows

Profiled for Alexa, Venice, RED, Varicam, Blackmagic URSA, C300II

Work in the camera's native space, Resolve Intermediate, or ACES

Set looks between the Negative and Print to simulate DI and printer lights

Output as negative, or as print to standard display spaces or ACES


Built for DaVinci Resolve using GPU acceleration

Realtime performance at DCI 4K

Really good film emulation